Although a birth story can be very personal and private, most parents want a record of their child’s birth. Your child birthing experience is one of the most incredible moments of your life. That's why we want to capture the moment your newborn arrives in photos and videos for you to treasure for a lifetime. Birth photography does just that by capturing the emotions, joys and tears of this unique time in your family’s life. It is a way to remember how your baby arrived into the world.

Every Birth Story includes:
*Free Consultation
*On-call from 37 weeks
*unlimited time at your birth
*so much more!!!!

Birth Story
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A Moment you won't want to forget

Excited to capture your story? This is the perfect time to book! In addition to your free PreNatal massage, you'll get $50 off of your birth story! 

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You want to capture your birth story and then You can't get over the toes and the cute little lips! Let's preserve those tiny details with portraits that you can show your child and say, "Look how tiny you were!" You can hold those memories close with photos!

Birth Story + Newborn

Only $250 Due today

payment Plans & Gift REgistries available

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access to my client closet 
dresses, props & wraps

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You are a literal Goddess! Growing human life! In your maternity session we will capture all those details and then in your birth story, see the beautiful moment you get to hold your baby in your arms!

Birth Story + Maternity

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